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Sick Leave Policy

Sick Leave Policy

Sick-Leave2 Students requiring sick leave must submit a Request Form to the office and/or send an email to inform the College of the intended absence as soon as possible.

It is students’ responsibility to keep the College informed on the first day of sickness and each day subsequently thereafter. Students who are sick should not attend class especially when there is a risk to the health of other students.

Sick-LeaveStudents who miss class due to injury or illness must obtain a medical certificate/note from their IRISH medical provider. This is particularly important for students whose attendance is or will be brought lower than 85 % as a result of their absence(s). The medical certificate/note must contain the date and time of the illness and medical professional’s confirmation of needed absence. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the College with all relevant documentation in a timely manner.

Note: Producing a medical certificate will not result in the student being marked present for the day(s) missed; rather, s/he will not receive warnings related to the absence(s). The student will be determined to have valid reasons for missing class and the absence will be considered excused.

Students must arrange non-acute medical services e.g., routine dentistry or physiotherapy outside college class hours.

Students who continually miss class due to ongoing health issues should contact the College.
If applicable, medical certificates/doctor’s notes obtained in the student’s home country must be translated into English.

Liffey College does not excuse any work commitment related absences.

Names of Responsible Staff: Haseeb Ahmed and/or Others
Telephone No: +353 (0)1 444 4447
Email: /