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Holidays & Breaks For Students

Holidays & Breaks For Students

During the Academic Year students will engage in a program of study at Liffey College with one of the following schedules:

33 Weeks Course (Time-table)
A 2 Weeks Holidays 25 Weeks Study 6 Weeks Holidays
B 2 Weeks Holidays 25 Weeks Study + 2 Weeks Holidays 4 Weeks Holidays
C 2 Weeks Holidays 25 Weeks Study + 4 Weeks Christmas Holidays 2 Weeks Holidays

Students are entitled to 8 weeks of holidays (in addition to their 25 weeks of study). 2 of these weeks are flexible; the other 6 weeks are non-flexible. The weeks at the beginning of the course cannot be changed (non-flexible), but 2 weeks at the end of the course may be moved (flexible). Students may request to take 2 weeks of holidays in the middle of their course instead of at the end, in which case their study end date will be extended by 2 weeks (as every student must complete a total of 25 weeks of study). Holiday requests can only be approved if the student (i) has completed 12 weeks of study, (ii) has at least 85% attendance and when there is (iii) no conflict with the college timetable.


  • Every student MUST consult Administration regarding holidays.
  • By enrolling in Liffey College each student has agreed to follow the COLLEGE TIME-TABLE (33 weeks cycle) and must follow its structure even when it conflicts with the student’s request for holidays, e.g. as in the Christmas college holidays.
  • Students may request to take 1-2 weeks of holidays in the middle of their course instead of at the end. Holiday requests can only be approved after (i) 12 weeks of study, (ii) 85% attendance and when there is (iii) not conflict with the college timetable.
  • As the school is closed for 4 weeks over the Christmas period students must take these 4 weeks as holidays if their course falls during this period.
  • To take 1-2 weeks of holidays in the middle of their course (after 12 weeks), students must fill out a Student Request Form available from Reception. Students should allow a minimum of 3 (three) working days for their request to be processed and check its status over the following days. In the meantime students must follow their timetable
  • Requested holidays must be a full week, Monday to Sunday; no partial holidays may be provided.
  • Students returning from holidays cannot be guaranteed that they will return to the same classrooms (subject to availability).
  • Upon registration, immigration officers will be provided with the details of each student’s course, including timetable, hours of tuition and holiday periods.

NOTE: No full-loaded HOLIDAY will be given UPFRONT. Students are required to complete at least 12 weeks of study prior to requesting any holidays and they may not take any other holidays aside from the above (A, B or C). This does not apply to college holidays (Bank Holidays, National Holidays and/or academic term). These are listed on the Notice Board. Students are also informed of these during Orientation/Induction.

No unscheduled breaks are permitted except in the following circumstances:
  • Close family bereavement or major illness
  • Illness of a dependent family member.
  • Participation in legal proceedings or administrative procedures that require a student’s presence
  • Religious holiday and/or observance.
  • Injury or illness that is too severe and/or contagious for the student to attend class.

Students wishing to go on unscheduled beaks should notify the College well in advance (where possible) by filling out a Request Form available from the Reception.

The above exceptional cases may be considered excused absences. Note: An excused absence will not result in the student being marked present for the day(s) missed; s/he will, however, not receive warnings related to the absence. In order for an absence to be excused, the student must provide the College with all relevant documentation – such as a doctor’s note/medical certificate, etc. – in a timely manner.

Holiday Policy in extenuating circumstances:

In certain extenuating circumstances, students may take up to 2 weeks’ holidays without being constrained by the normal holiday requirements. Liffey College can waive the normal requirements for holiday requests – i.e., that the student must have completed 12 weeks of study and have at least 85% attendance – in the following extenuating circumstances:

  • Sickness of a close relative
  • Death of a close relative

Within the terms of the policy we define a close relative as your mother, father, sister, brother, wife, husband, civil partner, daughter, son, grandparent, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, step parent, step child, step sister, step brother, foster child, legal guardian, domestic partner or fiancé/fiancée

To have any of the above authorised you must provide the College with written evidence, e.g. doctor’s note/medical certificate, letter from the Embassy, etc.

Students without 85% attendance will not be eligible for requests related to holidays.

Names of Responsible Staff: Haseeb Ahmed
Telephone No: +353 (0)1 444 4447