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Examination Policy

Final Examination Policy


All academic year students are required to complete a Final Exam at the end of their course.

Students are also required to sign a contract relating to taking final exam on college application form.

Student’s declaration –”I understand that the end-of-course exam is mandatory and I will sit my course examinations whenever they are scheduled, otherwise I may be expelled or other sanctions may be taken against me as deemed necessary by the college (Study Visa Rule)” AND “I understand that if I have been expelled OR left from Liffey College, I will not be permitted to sit the final exam/end course exam and will not be entitled to a refund for exam fees also.”

Examination-Policy-02Examinations schedules are announced on the notice boards several weeks prior to the start of exams. Students are advised to check notice boards regularly in order to be kept informed about all on-going activities during examination periods. Individual timetables of examinations will also be provided to students.

All students are obliged to pay for any the registration fee and/or the examination fees applicable before the closing date. Liffey College is obliged to register all full-time students for the end-of-course exams.

Please be informed that the timetable for examinations is available. Please see the timetable. It should be noted that some exam dates and times may have been scheduled outside the given timeframe of the course. Students are advised to contact the College prior to the start of their classes should they require any change. No extension letters will be issued where exam dates are scheduled beyond the course dates.

The level of the final examination will be allocated to all students at the time of enrolment. An email regarding the same will be sent to all students following enrolment. During the term of study (25 weeks), should any student progress to the next level, the College should be contacted to make the necessary change. Students have up to 8 weeks prior to the exam date to make any change with respect to the date and/or level. There will be strictly no change after this period and refunds will not be processed.

PLEASE NOTES: Students will be sent a confirmation e-mail prior to their Final Exam. Students must reply to this e-mail if they wish to be booked for that Final Exam date; otherwise, their Final Exam will be postponed until the next available date.

All students are entitled, upon submitting a Student Request Form at the end of their course, to receive a Liffey College certificate of completion, except students who have been expelled or who have left their

It is in the interest and to the betterment of students that they should comply with the examination rules and regulations. Prior to the start of the course, students must sign a declaration stating that they understand that the exam is mandatory and undertake to sit the exam while abiding by the rules and regulations of the examination. This declaration will also be signed by a Liffey College representative stating that the college is committed to register the student for the end-of-course exams and understands that the exams are mandatory.

Other Rules:

  • Learners must carefully note the date, time and location for all examinations.
  • All candidates should turn up at least 30 minutes before an examination begins.
  • Learners will not be admitted to the exam room after the exam has commenced.
  • Failure to attend any examination must be backed up by valid reasons and certified notes where applicable. A student must pay for an additional registration and/or examination fee and sit the examination at a later date. Failure to sit an exam will result in the student not getting their certificate of completion.
  • Students should be aware that arrangements may be made available to students with special needs so as to provide equal opportunities and such students who request such arrangements are under no circumstances being given preferential treatment.
  • Unauthorised material will not be allowed in the examination room, though the students are reminded that the college will not be responsible for any loss or damage of personal belongings.
  • Use of all personal electronic devices and mobile phone is forbidden in the examination room. The invigilator will report all incidents of suspicion including cheating, copying, falsifying coursework and other malpractice. Students causing disturbance during an examination will also be sanctioned.
  • During the exam, learners must not communicate with or attempt to communicate with any other candidate.
  • Examination scripts must not be taken out of the examination room by students even after the examination session has ended. All coursework must be handed over to the invigilator upon completion.
  • Students need to also sign a declaration certifying that their respective completed examination is their own work.
  • Any student who feels faint or ill during an examination should immediately inform the invigilator.
  • In case of any kind of an emergency during an examination, students are requested to remain seated and wait in silence until instructions are given by the examination officer. Students are expected to follow all guidelines as directed.


Names of Responsible Staff: Everton Tadeu and/or others
Telephone No: +353 (0)1 444 4447