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Course Fee & Fee Refund Policy

Fee Policy

If the Course Fees of €6,000 or less must be paid in full to the college, prior to applying for your visa. Evidence of the amount paid should be included in yourLetter of Acceptance from the college.

In some cases, fee payments may be accepted in instalments. For further information, please contact the admission officer or the accounts department. Where the course fees are in excess of €6,000, you must pay at least this amount prior to applying for your visa, and evidence of this should be shown in your Letter of Acceptance. This minimum amount is an Immigration requirement.

For more information got to INIS Website.

All course fees must be paid before the start of the course. Failure to observe the financial regulations of the college may result in places being forfeited. Any student with outstanding an balance regarding instalments will not be permitted to attend classes.

A delayed payment fee (non-refundable) will be applied to any payments received after the due date.

Fee Refund Policy

The course fee or instalments paid are strictly NOT refundable except on the following conditions:

Full-Time Students

In the circumstance that an international student is refused either an entry visa or a student visa in Ireland.

If the course for which the student has paid is cancelled by Liffey College with no other alternatives available.

Please Note:

If a course fee is refunded, €300 (college registration fee) of the total course fee paid will be deducted.
Considering that choosing the correct programme of study is an important step, Liffey College assumes that a student would have made a thoughtful decision prior to applying for the course. No refund is granted for students who withdraw from a programme (prior to/shortly post commencement or during the programme).

Part-Time Students

If the course for which the student has paid is cancelled by Liffey College with no other alternatives available. (Part time fees refund include total fees paid in terms of course fee and registration fee)

Where a course is cancelled by Liffey College:

Students will be transferred to similar courses (if available at Liffey College) at equivalent level within the same discipline.

Arrangements will be made with other institutions to provide the same or similar courses at equivalent level within the same discipline.

Please Note: Other non-refundable fees that are charged as extras include medical insurance fees, examination fees, registration for examination fees, accommodation fees, books, handouts, etc

Fees Refund Procedure

Please note that applications for refunds must be made in writing to the following details explaining the reason for the refund request, including supporting documentation, where relevant (e.g., payment of proof, visa refusal letter, passport, etc.)

Name of Responsible Staff: Haseeb Ahmed
Telephone No: +353 (0)1 444 4447

Upon receipt of the required documentation, the refund will be processed. Liffey College will either transfer the refunded fees to the student account or issue a cheque, which can be collected from administration office.

The fee refund procedure takes FOUR WEEKS (20 Working Days) from the date of request.

Click here for Fee Refund Form