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Complaints & Grievance Policy


Complaints Policy

Liffey College is committed to providing a high quality service to all its staff and students. The college is also committed to promoting an atmosphere of trust and respect amongst students, staff, and the wider community.

Liffey College encourages students to voice their concerns and strives to address whatever issues that may arise in a timely and proactive manner.

Liffey College aims to:

  • To respond positively to complaints and implement appropriate corrective action where necessary.
  • Deal with all complaints in such a way that they are resolved in a timely, fair, and consistent manner.
  • Deal with complaints confidentially to avoid disruption of mediation between a complainant and the person against whom the complaint has been filed.
  • Improve and upgrade the quality of service by correcting mistakes to prevent recurrence of the same.
  • Ensure that any complainant is not put to any kind of risk or disadvantage.

Complainants are expected to:

  • Report to the College within 4 weeks of the incident occurring.
  • Allow ample time for action to be taken to resolve the matter.
  • Recognise and accept that certain factors may interfere with the college’s ability to resolve matters.
  • Be aware that certain complaints are not possible to be dealt confidentially due to action proceedings.

Academic Matters
Students may address concerns regarding academic matters orally with their teachers and/or with the Director of Studies, individually or jointly. If students first contact their teacher, and the issue is not or cannot be resolved at that level, then the student and/or student and teacher should submit the issue to the Director of Studies who will provide assistance.

Name of Responsible Staff: Dara Moran _ DoS
Telephone No: +353 (0)1 444 4447
Non-Academic Matters
Non-academic issues are submitted to the Center Manager at the following details:

Name of Responsible Staff: Haseeb Ahmed Centre Manager
Telephone No: +353 (0)1 444 4447

Students may also submit a complaint in writing, by means of the Complaint Form available outside Reception. Issues presented via forms are also dealt with by the Center Director. Both in the cases of oral and written complaints, the information and solution is entered into the Log with the name, date, class, complaint, course of action.

Academic grievance procedures apply to all students enrolled at Liffey College to allow for consideration of the grievance and the possibility for redress. Only when negotiations fail to resolve a matter or when a problem is not satisfactorily resolved then the last option is that of a grievance procedure.

Grievance complaints may be filed on the following grounds:

  • Where a student feels an act of injustice has been committed against them.
  • Where a student feels that they have been treated in a way that does not comply with the respective policy of Liffey College.
  • Where a student feels that an assessment result has been influenced by some kind of discrimination such as ethnic group, race, religion, etc.

The grievance procedures require the student to notify the college in writing and provide the relevant details to facilitate the process. The complaint will then be investigated using relevant sources of information such as references, tutor reports, witnesses, and the student’s record.