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Admission Procedures & Policy

Admission Procedures

Admission-Procedures-&-PolicyAn application form must be filled out. All necessary documentations should be attached to the completed application form.

Application is assessed by admission personnel.

Offer letter is issued to the student as guarantee for eligibility of admission.

Fees may be lodged into Liffey College’s bank account through international banks worldwide. Please note that the student reference number (on the offer letter) is listed in the Bank Transfer description field when doing the money transfer.

Upon receipt of full course fees, a receipt with an Acceptance Letter is forwarded to the student.

International students requiring Irish visas may then proceed to apply for a student visa at the Irish Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin or closest neighbouring country where there is no Irish Embassy/Consulate.

Please visit the Department of Foreign Affairs website at for more detailed information concerning students from visa-required countries.


Admission Policy

The admission policy is designed to enrol students with a variety of backgrounds. Admission is processed solely on the basis of the Principle of Fairness and the Equal Opportunity Policy. Each application is impartially assessed using all relevant information supplied without any bias.

Liffey College reserves the right to refuse admission to any student without giving any reason. Unsuccessful applicants may re-apply for admission the following term.No student is permitted to attend class until all enrolment procedures have been fully completed.

  • First Come First Serve Basis

    All admissions to Liffey College are subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Guidance

    Full assistance and guidance are provided to help applicants choose the right course that best matches their aspirations and potential. Prior to admission, students are interviewed to assess their suitability for their chosen programme of study.

  • Entry/Course Requirements

    All students applying for a particular course must comply with the entry requirements as stipulated in the course requirements.

  • Data Protection

    The College ensures that all information provided by applicants during and after the process of admission is kept STRICTLY confidential.

  • Documentation

    Application forms must be filled out and all relevant documentation must be provided as per instructions on the application form. Any incomplete application form will delay the Admission process.Applicants must provide proof of ID such as a birth certificate or a passport as part of the admissions procedures. Previous course results and curriculum vitae are also required. References from previous educational institutions may be required when transferring from another college.A Certificate of Attendance must be provided if an applicant wishes to transfer from another college in Ireland.Certificates of an English Language Qualification, such as TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge, must be provided by applicants for whom English is not their first language and not apply for English courses.

  • Declaration of Prior Convictions

    Liffey College has the right to reject the application of any applicant who may pose a danger or a threat to the college. All applicants will be required to declare any prior criminal offences. In such cases, a full risk assessment of the student will be carried out by the college prior to giving any approval.