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Failte go dti hEireann


is well known for the beauty of its magnificent natural landscapes and scenery. The spectacular Irish coastline covers a length of 1,448 km with the Atlantic Ocean on the west and the Irish Sea on the east. Colonised from around 6000BC, the island has an interesting history and heritage waiting to be discovered. Ireland is also rich in culture developed over many hundreds of years. Incredible cities lively with pubs and music create a wild and joyful atmosphere.

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the capital of the Republic of Ireland, is built on the River Liffey and is also situated beside the sea, yet close to both the countryside and mountains. A city of fine Georgian buildings, Dublin has been influenced by its Danish, Norman and English antecedents. It has excellent stores and shops, museums, antique shops and a range of pubs and restaurants. Among the goods for which Ireland is particularly well known are tweed, knitwear, linen, glass, lace and silverware. It has four major theatres, including the world famous Abbey theatre, concert facilities, art galleries and cinemas. There is a wide variety of sporting facilities including golf courses, sailing and racecourses.



Ireland – 4.58million, Dublin – 1.5 million.



Ireland enjoys a temperate climate with mild winters and relatively cool summers. Mean daily temperature in June and July is 18°C. Dublin enjoys reasonable sunshine and rain belts reaching the east coast are frequently light and generally clear quickly. However, it is always wise when travelling and staying in Ireland to pack a rain coat or umbrella.