Course Overview

Our General English courses will help you improve your ability to communicate in English, enabling you to work or study in English-speaking countries and/or environments.

Liffey College’s General English course covers the following skills:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Combining this practice with Vocabulary, Grammar & Pronunciation


CEFR Levels

Common Reference Levels (A1-C1)



PTE AcademicCambridgeIntegrated Skills in English (ISE) CaMLAIELTS


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Every Month (Please note these classes is subject to minimum of 5 participants)

  • Week 1-4 €160/perweek
  • Week 5-8 €150/perweek
  • Week 9-12 €120/perweek
  • Week 12+ €99/perweek


  • Morning Classes – Monday to Friday (9:15am to 12:30pm)  15 hours (Full-Time / 25weeks) (subject to change)
  • Afternoon Classes – Monday to Friday (1:45pm to 5pm)  15 hours (Full-Time / 25weeks) (subject to change)
  • Evening Classes – (Part-Time) – To be Confirmed

Please Note:

  • Classes will be scheduled Tuesday to Friday at the same time should Monday be a bank holiday.
  • Liffey College has facilitated students with a leeway of 15 Minutes in exceptional cases with valid reasons. Students who make it a habit to arrive late will be marked absent.
  • As per the student handbook and Study Visa regulations you are required to attend a minimum of 85%  (all the time) of your course or/and classes.
  • The timing is subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis. For any change (if required) and/or query, please contact the College.
  • All students must take responsibility for Signing an Attendance Register at Reception Daily (A register of attendance is kept for official school records, visa purposes etc). Absenteeism & Expulsion Policy/Procedures
  • Every full-time student MUST consult administration regarding Holidays. By Enrolling with us each student has agreed to follow the College Time-Table (33 weeks cycle) and must follow its structure.
  • If student has been expelled there is no fee refund.


  • 18 years of age (or above)
  • There is no entry requirement. New students will be interviewed on arrival at College and will be asked to take an online placement test in order to join classes that correspond to their current level and knowledge of English


Many English-speaking universities accept this qualification as evidence of language proficiency for entry into their courses. Liffey College strongly recommends you to take an additional Exam preparatory course.


  • On-campus
  • Independent study
  • Supervised learning
  • Technology assisted learning
  • Clinics
  • Study groups
  • Special interest groups
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Clubs
  • Educational trips/field-trips (Compulsory to Attend)
  • Cultural, sports and social programmes
  • Conversational sessions
  • Additional exam preparatory sessions (optional)


The academic team selected the following (per level/course offered);

  • A1 – “English Result – Elementary”
    by Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald. Oxford University Press
  • A2 – “English Result – Pre-Intermediate”
    by Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald. Oxford University Press
  • B1 – “English Result – Intermediate”
    by Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald. Oxford University Press
  • B2 – “English Result – Upper-Intermediate”
    by Mark Hancock and Annie McDonald. Oxford University Press
  • C1 – Advanced. “New Headway – Advanced”
    by Liz and John Soars. Oxford University Press

Students can buy the books from International Books Shop or/and Liffey College.
Each book costs €40-€45 approximately (depending on levels – Subject to change).

Please note: All full-time students MUST be in possession of the relevant course-book.



  • In-house Exams (Certificate fee is €50 only for part-time students).
  • Examination fee is €150 including admin fee (Subject to Change). For more details talk to us please.
  • Liffey College Certificates will only be given to students who satisfy the 85% attendance regulation and book/pay for the mandatory end-of-course exam in advance.
  • Students are entitled , upon submitting a Students Request Form at the end of thier course except students who have beed expelled or who has left their course or who has not sat for final examination.
  • If any student has been expelled from or has left Liffey College, will not be permitted to sit the final exam/end course exam and will not be entitled to a refund for exam fees or other fees.

Note: All full-time students are required to sit for TIE examination at the end of their course (subject to their visa conditions). For this purpose, internationally recognised examinations are run regularly. (Liffey College’s Examination Policy)

More information about TIE examinations CLICK HERE


Responsible Staffs

Dara Moran (Director of English Studies)

Telephone: 00353 (0)1 444 4447