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Fee Protection

Fee Protection


Protection for Enrolled Learners (PEL)

In compliance with the Protection of Enrolled Learners (2012 Act, Part 6), Liffey College has learner protection arrangements in place with respect to all students who have paid fees and enrolled on programmes of three months or more duration.
“Liffey College has approval to offer students learner protection insurance, Leaner Protection insurance is only in place when each student receives their certificate.”

The purpose of this is to protect student course fee only paid to Liffey College in the event of Liffey College becoming Insolvent.

Please Note:

  • This insurance applies only to the Unspent Course Fee and Does Not Include Extras (for example; registration, medical cover, final exam, PEL, book and others, if applicable).
  • Students will get individual certificates via email, as per this policy. If you have not received your certificate with 12 weeks of your study MUST contact the college immediately.
  • Students are advised to retain their individual certificate which will be required for reimbursement when claiming the unspent fee if such a situation arises.
  • Claims Procedure: ODON should be advised of any occurrence which may give rise to a claim.
  • Data Protection: Personal data that you provide to ODON will be held in accordance with the Data Protection act 1998.
  • Complaints Procedure: if you have any complaint you can contact ODON.

Please contact College if further information is required.