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Career Service


Computer terminals are available for easy access to job advertisements and to assist in preparing job applications

We offer WI-FI access (Password is available on college notice board)


Appointments must be booked in advance through Reception.

We Offer:

  • One-on-one appointments to discuss career direction and job-seeking skills
  • Advice on researching the job market, and preparing for an interview

CV Checks

Career advisors encourages students to reflect on their skills, strengths, and accomplishments before preparing a draft of their CV and bringing it to a career advisor

Career advisors provide comments, feedback and helpful advice on polishing CVs, using an effective CV format to reflect students’ skills, adapting CVs to the industry and position being applied for, etc.


Upone request, the College can liaise with recruitment agencies as a learning curve for knowledge of the marketplace.

  • Job vacancies are regularly advertised on the notice board

Upcoming Events

We provide Information on employer recruitment presentations, career fairs, industry networking events and employment preparation workshops

Events are posted on the notice board, College’s online News section as well as social media (