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Liffey College assists students in finding temporary accommodation prior to arrival. This allows students to get a feel for the city and make informed decisions when it comes to choosing long-term accommodation.

Liffey College offers students two main types of accommodation:

Host family

In all cases, Liffey College strives to ensure a welcoming, friendly atmosphere with reliable transport links and proximity to local amenities.

Host Families selected by the College offer students the opportunity to improve their English and learn about Irish culture in a comfortable setting. Families allow students the opportunity of experiencing other (domestic) aspects of life in Ireland, in a safe, nurturing environment. Students may stay with families for short, medium, or long term.

Accommodation rates vary depending on students’ personal choice and budget. In all cases, accommodation (through Liffey College) is booked at the time of booking/paying for the course. Students must file an Accommodation Request Form at least 3 weeks prior to arrival.

Students may request accommodation according to their preferences, needs and budget. Information regarding student accommodation is normally advertised on the college’s notice board. Further information is advertised in local newspapers and on the internet.

All accommodation arranged by the college:

  • Is welcoming
  • Has a friendly atmosphere
  • Is carefully selected by our staff
  • Is visited on a regular basis
  • Has good and reliable transport links